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Dnscope.io Get your Scopes Up!

DNScope Scopes up! A local DNS Firewall and Cache

Accelerate your browsing experience while blocking ads trackers and bad domains. Scopes up filters around ~80% of DNS traffic. It’s preloaded with around 3 million domains and provides cache resolutions in microseconds rather than milliseconds. Blocking or unblocking a dommain is a simple case of select and check/uncheck or drag and drop.

Dnscope is currently only configured for windows, but it will run on Osx, linux and Raspberry PI with minor changes.

Binaries will be available for supported platforms

Currently windows x64 v0.8.4.6b
IPV4 only

Release https://github.com/idle-PB/Dnscope.io/releases/tag/untagged-7088fb97ddc453fcc733